Our Policy – Important reading before we start work on your job.

Cortal Mini Diggers is a responsible company, we will take the upmost care whilst on your property. We are also expert digger drivers and have many years experience. Fortunately we have never had to report any incidents at work, however, accidents can happen.

Our Indemnity. Cortal Mini Diggers will not take any responsibility for damage caused to your or your neighbours property, i.e. walls, fences, posts, paths, trees or plants whilst accessing and working on your property nor any services such as pipes, electrical cables, sewer pipes, water pipes etc…

You must inform a member of Cortal Mini Diggers of any concerns BEFORE we start work. If you are unsure of who’s property we are operating on or driving through, or where any services (mentioned above) are, then PLEASE consort advice before Cortal Mini Diggers begin work.

You must also take provision to protect the council property joining your boundary, e.g. the pavement, curbs or road outside your drive-way once again we cannot be responsible for damage to council property whilst undertaking your work.

Please bear in mind that when the driver is operating machinery they cannot hear you, nor should you stand near any machinery that is being operated.

Please ask our staff if you do not understand any of the above. We will try (at your consent) to repair any damage caused if possible, and we will temporarily repair services like gas and water pipes, but again we are not responsible for their permanent repair or upkeep. This indemnity is available in print, and we encourage you to read and sign it BEFORE we start work on your project.

If you are unclear about any points please ask us as a matter of priority, before we start work.

Once we start work, what is under YOUR ground is YOUR responsibility.